Thursday, November 10, 2011

Room 2's assembly thoughts ...

I had a mortarboard and we got a special mortarboard. We put on our mortarboards.

I put my mortarboard on my head and I sang Apple Pie in the Sky.  I sang with my friends. I felt good!

On Friday Room 1 and Room 2 had an assembly. Some of our mums and dad's came.

On Friday Room 2 and Room 1 had an assembly and we were wearing a mortarboard.  We had balloons and we let the balloons go.  We had fun!

We had an assembly. All the school were looking at me and Anna-Lisa said, "Stop!  We can do better!"

I was dancing with the sticks and the whole school was looking at us.  Anna-Lisa said, "Stop! We can do better!"  After our assembly, we had treats!

On Friday Rooms 2 and 1 did our assembly.  We sang Tap Sticks, Hi Down, Hit the Floor and then we sang Sun Sun Cuomanena. It was fun singing songs.

I was so scared because my heart was scared.

On Friday Room 1 and 2 had an assembly. Then Miss Mafu let the balloons fly up.

On Friday I had an assembly with Rooms 1 and 2.  We had fun doing our assembly.  It was awesome!

At the assembly we had some treats and we had fun!  I had a bag.  We sang and I felt scared.

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Miss G said...

Hello Room 2,

I looks like you did a really wonderful assembly. I wish I had been able to see it :-)
Determination is a great virtue, well done for sharing that virtue with the school.

Miss G :-)