Thursday, September 2, 2010

Iron Brion

On Monday Room two went to the hall. It was very exciting like a party. I got to dance with the boy. I got a bracelet to wear on my wrist.

By Talita

St. Pius

Bepi was clever at school. Bepi grew up and he became a priest.

By Seilosa

Cross Country

On Monday all of the children were cheering for me at the cross country. I heard Henrietta and I heard Saveu cheering go Lenleigh. I was happy for me.

By Lenleigh

Iron Brion

Iron Brion danced with the girls and the boys and they won a hat. He got a spiky hair. He a costume. He’s got a Sarah she helped Iron Brion. Sarah said to Iron Brion you have got stinky socks.

By June

When My Teacher Was Sick.

Mr Hooker came to Room 2 to teach us because if we had no teacher we won’t get to learn. Then on Thursday Mrs Logan came for her first time in Room 2. We had writing time then we finished writing. We played games. Then the bell went. We went home.

By Inez

Iron Brion

Iron Brion

On the funky day we went into the hall. We did the Iron Brion dance for him. After that we had burgers it taste tasty.

By Brooke

Iron Brion

Iron Brion

Iron Brion has got stinky socks.

By Fanoali’i