Friday, November 18, 2011

Room 1 and 2 Movie Stars...

Enjoy and tell us what you think....

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Room 2's assembly thoughts ...

I had a mortarboard and we got a special mortarboard. We put on our mortarboards.

I put my mortarboard on my head and I sang Apple Pie in the Sky.  I sang with my friends. I felt good!

On Friday Room 1 and Room 2 had an assembly. Some of our mums and dad's came.

On Friday Room 2 and Room 1 had an assembly and we were wearing a mortarboard.  We had balloons and we let the balloons go.  We had fun!

We had an assembly. All the school were looking at me and Anna-Lisa said, "Stop!  We can do better!"

I was dancing with the sticks and the whole school was looking at us.  Anna-Lisa said, "Stop! We can do better!"  After our assembly, we had treats!

On Friday Rooms 2 and 1 did our assembly.  We sang Tap Sticks, Hi Down, Hit the Floor and then we sang Sun Sun Cuomanena. It was fun singing songs.

I was so scared because my heart was scared.

On Friday Room 1 and 2 had an assembly. Then Miss Mafu let the balloons fly up.

On Friday I had an assembly with Rooms 1 and 2.  We had fun doing our assembly.  It was awesome!

At the assembly we had some treats and we had fun!  I had a bag.  We sang and I felt scared.

Determination Assembly Dress Rehearsal

These are just a few sneak preview photographs from the dress rehearsal for our Determination Assembly.  We are experiencing a few technical hitches, but look out for a recording of our assembly soon.....

  On Friday we went to the hall and we sang songs and we tapped the sticks. The whole school liked it. They clapped because it was cool.


On Friday I went to the Assembly and I wore my hat.

I went to the hall for our Assembly. Everyone clapped.

On Friday I went to the hall and we were wearing hats. I was happy.
On Friday at our Assembly we sang songs. We tapped the sticks in the hall.

On Friday I went to the hall and we danced and we tapped the sticks. We sang songs.


On Friday I danced with the sticks at the hall for our Assembly.

On Friday we sang songs in the hall. It was our Assembly.

We had an assembly in the hall. The people clapped because we were cool.

We had an assembly on Friday. We sang songs. I was happy.
On Friday we sang songs and we danced.  We wore our hats and we waved to the whole school.  Everyone clapped and we were happy.

I was away because I went to the church.  I kissed my uncle goodbye.
(Fiapo was unable to be at our assembly because she went to her uncle's funeral.)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I belong to my family.  In my family I have a mum and my dad and my sister and my brother.


I belong to my family and it is my mum and it is my dad and my sister.  I love my Aunty and Kelly.  And I love my cousin.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Swimming Sensations

We went swimming and it was fun!  We had to hold onto the side and we played Simon Says and we lay on our backs.
by Maris Stella

I went to the swimming pool.  It was fun! 
by Viane

We went to the swimming pool and I swam. 
by Samuel

On Tuesday my friend and I went swimming, but my friend Claudia couldn't swim. 
by Anna-Lisa

I went to the swimming pool.  It was fun and we went in the pool.  Then we went back to Room 2.
by Joseph


I went to swim.  I went swimming with my friends.  I had fun. I had a cap on my head.
by Charlie 

I swim with my friend and I went to the swimming pool.
by Alan


When I went in the pool it was warm in the pool and it was fun!  And when we lay on our backs it was warm.  And we had to walk backdown the stairs.
by Mikaela

I am going to the swimming pool.
by Claudia

I went to the swimming and Mr. Burton said to do the starfish.  It was fun!
by Alex

I went to the swimming and it was fun in the swimming pool!  I can lie down on my back and it was so so fun! I love it!
by Alilia

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tell the Truth to Others

Soul Friends Jane and Kiera

On Friday we are going to the Mass and then we are going to sing. We are going with our Soul Friends. It is going to be fun! Anna-Lisa

Help Each Other in Times of Need

I went to our Mass and our Soul Friends were there. We sang Holy Spirit Rock. Hendrix